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Development of systems
for the protection of crypto assets

Intelligent, streamlined, connected security solutions for your crypto assets.

Feel completely safe with Cybor Holding protection and protect yourself from viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware and intruders.

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Reliable protection of your financial
funds and personal data

Buy and sell cryptocurrency, make secure transactions, knowing that your payment information is securely encrypted

Don't worry, when filling out forms, keyloggers won't be able to record your actions

Protect your personal data of crypto assets from theft with Anti-Phishing

Hide your IP address and browsing history from strangers

Protection against hacking the wallet by intruders and the use of your
data for personal gain

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Feel safe with
Cybor Holding

We use a set of reliable technologies and tools to create truly useful solution with an intuitive interface. Our experts guarantee data security and compliance with your requirements. Leave a request and we will advise you on your questions free of charge