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Multifunctional Cyborex trading platform with a developed ecosystem

Cyborex combines a centralized fiat / crypto exchange service and a decentralized exchange for buying, selling, exchanging cryptocurrencies with an inter-network liquidity protocol.

Buy and sell crypto assets at the best prices. Cyborex platform is designed as a cryptocurrency aggregator. The system automatically tracks the best cryptocurrency rates, offering users the most profitable solutions.

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Cyborex is an international tokenized asset trading platform

In addition to the fact that Cyborex is a decentralized crypto exchange, Cyborex is also a modern marketplace for highly profitable digital products that unites Internet entrepreneurs and ordinary users in the business community for mutually beneficial cooperation.

The goal of the Cyborex platform is to create markets for all relevant tokenized assets of modern business.

The sale of tokenized assets is carried out through the Launchpad crowdinvesting system on the Cyborex official website

How does the sale of tokenized assets on the Cyborex Launchpad platform go?

Projects with tokenized assets are hosted on Cyborex Launchpad. The sale of tokenized assets takes place through the Cybor Coin cryptocurrency, which was exclusively developed by Cybor Holding for secure and anonymous transactions between users on the Cyborex platform.

The sale of tokenized assets is carried out through the Launchpad crowdinvesting system on the Cyborex official

Business tokenization stages

1. Partner companies apply to Cyborex for posting on the platform of their project

2. Cyborex specialists study the proposed project and audit all risks

3. In case of a positive decision, the project of the partner company is evaluated and placed on the Cyborex platform in the form of tokens

4. Cyborex marketers develop a strategy for promoting the project and begin to attract investments in the form of selling tokens for the implementation of the project with further listing on exchanges.

5. Users of the Cyborex platform, after the placement of the project of the partner's company, get access for investment through the purchase of tokens

6. Thanks to the scaling of the project through the marketing department of CYBOREX, the partner project makes a profit from the sale of its assets to investors in the form of tokens at an early stage

7. Cyborex platform users profit from cooperation with a partner project, since the cost of previously purchased tokens significantly increases during the ICO / IEO / IDO / STO and subsequent listing on the Cyborex exchange

In this scheme, the business partner makes a profit in accordance with the marketing of the investment and partnership program, the partner company receives funds to scale their business and generate profits, and Cyborex, acting as a trading platform, receives a percentage of the transactions (transactions) made within the platform between users and partner companies.

Where does the profit of partner companies that place their crypto assets on the Cyborex Launchpad platform come from?

Cybor Holding is interested in scaling partner companies, whose tokens are placed on the Cyborex Launchpad platform. The funds raised through the platform are invested in the development of these projects. The main profit of partner companies is formed through the sale of tokenized assets to users through the Cyborex Launchpad platform.

Additional profits are generated through the use of Cybor Coin cryptocurrency.

Cyborex, at the stage of placing a partner company on the platform and issuing individual tokens for the project, uses the Cybor Coin cryptocurrency as a payment instrument, thereby strengthening it.

Also, partner companies on mutually beneficial terms independently invest part of their personal funds in the development of the Cybor Coin cryptocurrency. Thanks to this, the number of daily transactions in the network is increasing and, as a result, the volatility of the cryptocurrency is growing. This allows the holders of the Cybor Coin cryptocurrency to receive profit.

In other words, a market for the purchase and sale of tokenized assets is formed on the Cyborex platform. All settlements are made in a specially created cryptocurrency Cybor Coin, which allows you to accumulate significant funds within the system.

Thus, the principle of profit growth for partner companies is not only to sell their own crypto assets (tokens) through the Cyborex platform, but also to direct financial flows to the development and popularization of the Cybor Coin cryptocurrency. In this case, the total capital of partner companies ensures the financial security of Cybor Coin and will allow Borcoin to be brought to the TOP 10 largest cryptocurrencies by 2023.

How are investor profits generated on the Cyborex Launchpad platform?

The process of making money on the Cyborex Launchpad platform is as simple as possible and does not require professional technical and financial education.

Cyborex Launchpad platform provides its users with the opportunity to participate in promising ICO / IEO / IDO / STO projects of partner companies.

Cyborex Launchpad provides its users with a choice of tokenized assets (tokens) of partner companies. The user purchases tokenized assets through the Cybor Coin cryptocurrency, thereby investing in listed companies on the Cyborex Launchpad platform.

The acquisition of tokenized assets of partner companies at an early stage allows the investor to make a profit from the sale of tokens, after listing and withdrawal of the partner company's cryptocurrency on the exchange.

Due to the fact that all financial transactions go through Cybor Coin, the capitalization of this cryptocurrency is growing steadily, which brings additional income to platform users in the form of staking coins.

Profit from all transactions within the system, Cyborex directs to the development and support of the Cybor Coin cryptocurrency, which in turn strengthens the cryptocurrency and makes it more in demand among platform users.

Therefore, any user of the Cyborex Launchpad platform can earn income by participating in projects that are hosted on Cyborex Launchpad. It's very simple, users buy tokens thereby investing in promising companies, Cyborex develops them, which leads to joint profit.

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