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Cybor Security

A universal system for the protection of personal data and crypto assets available to everyone

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Cybor Security is:

Anti-phishing protection system against theft of personal data within implementation of crypto transactions.

AML system for checking crypto wallets for fraudulent activities (suspicious transactions related to illegal activities).

Cloud data storage (distributed storage), a confidential messenger for closed (private) information exchange.


Everyone reserves the right
to feel safe

Feel safe no matter what you do online. Our proven technologies not only protect your devices from viruses, hackers and malware, but also prevent unauthorized access to your personal information.

The solution also includes:

Protecting bank card data when you pay online

Masking your IP address with Secure Connection

Blocking ads and data collection about you on sites

Comprehensive protection against cyber threats

Our product will protect your devices from any viruses and malware


Ransomware protection and built-in blocking of network attacks prevent attackers from hacking into your PC and stealing valuable data.


Antivirus protects you in real time from common threats such as worms and Trojans, as well as sophisticated attacks using botnets and rogue antiviruses.

Malware protection

Effective anti-malware protection blocks keyloggers, adware, spear phishing, rootkits and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Reliable protection of your personal data

The proven functionality helped to create a really useful solution with an intuitive interface.

Secure connection for privacy and data protection

Turn on Secure Connection on public Wi-Fi networks so your data cannot be intercepted.

Hide your IP address and browsing history from strangers

Connect to ultra-fast reliable servers

Protecting funds, valuable data and applications

Pay for purchases online knowing that your payment information is securely encrypted;

Protect your personal data from theft with Anti-Phishing

Keep passwords, credit card details and copies of documents handy in a secure vault.


Spend time
on the Internet and do not
worry about anything

Cybor Holding is your trusted partner in the digital economy