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Cybor Holding Academy

Blockchain and cryptocurrency education

Do you want to understand the subject of cryptocurrencies and blockchain? Do you consider this direction promising? Are you planning to start earning money on cryptocurrencies? We have prepared for you an educatiıonal course on cryptocurrency, after completing which you will receive answers on most of your questions.

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The purpose of Cybor Holding Academy

The purpose of education is to increase the financial literacy of Cyborex platform users. Distance courses await you: from creating your own cryptocurrency to launching it on the market. Video and audio materials, seminars and webinars, internal chat with experts.

The mission of Cybor Holding Academy includes teaching the secrets of cryptocurrency, conducting seminars and webinars, and creating a successful community based on digital investment. We have found and formed a team of unique teachers who will provide everything to become a successful crypto investor and gain financial freedom.

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What does Cybor Holding Academy give?

By entering Cybor Holding Academy, you are guaranteed to become a specialist in the field of cryptocurrencies and you can create your own currency! And also you can get rich by
following the methodology of our teachers.


We accrue Cybor Coin tokens so that you can earn while studying

Creation of a crypto coin

Creation of a crypto coin bearing your name and its circulation on crypto exchanges


Access to an internal private chat with our specialists

Distance learning

In various areas of cryptocurrency. And these are not only theoretical materials, but practical involvement in crypto business

Participation in seminars and webinars
of Cybor Holding Academy

Working with a cryptocurrency exchange and learning crypto trading. Including meetings and communication with successful investors

Access to unique educational

Access to materials and informational help from our teachers

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