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Business tokenization

Суbor Holding offers a range of services for the tokenization
of businesses and company assets.

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What is business tokenization?

Business tokenization allows you to combine classic business
and blockchain technologies into a single system to attract
additional financial investments.

Business tokenization involves using your own token as a digital product, the value of which is determined in the open market. In this case, the value is tied to
the services or goods of the owner company.

Business tokenization allows you to digitize a product while preserving the value of a company's assets,
which makes trading them easier and safer.

What is business
tokenization for?

Business tokenization is primarily carried out to raise funds and increase the capital of companies. This process is called ICO/IEO and IDO. This is analogous to an IPO, when a company lists its shares for sale on the stock exchange.

Business tokenization allows you to receive money to scale your business and enter new markets. Also, the attracted assets are used to monetize startups or for the release of new products.

In the process of business tokenization a token is created. This is a unit of account of the company's digital assets (crypto share), which is used for sale to investors.

(Initial Coin Offering)

Issue of project tokens based on blockchain
technology and their sale through a crowdsale to attract funds from investors.

(Initial Exchange Offering)

An analogue of ICO, which is conducted and managed by a crypto exchange on behalf of the token owner.

(Initial DEX Offering)

An initial token offering that goes through a decentralized exchange (DEX).


This is a quick way of financing, to which business owners receive working capital through the sale of their tokens to investors.

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Business tokenization services

Cybor Holding offers a full range of services aimed at conducting ICO/IEO/IDO followed by listing on crypto exchanges.

The staff consists of specialists in all areas, from developers of blockchain technologies, web designers, lawyers, economists, and finishing with marketing analysts.

Cybor Holding undertakes to carry out detailed work and give guarantees for a successful outcome. All works on the ICO/IEO/IDO do not contradict the legislation, which allows to bring the project to any market.

Cybor Holding is ready to fulfill
an order of any complexity at an affordable price

  • Preparatory work

    Detailed development of an idea and prototype, creation of tokenomics, roadmap and whitepaper for future investors, marketing analys and financial model, planning model of a
    site and content creation.

  • Turnkey website development

    Works aimed at creating a blockchain shell, that are, smart contracts, issuing a token in the blockchain, integration of payment systems, making transactions possible. Creation of UX / UI website design. Frontend and backend development - creation of a site framework and engine.

  • Marketing part

    Multilingual, video presentation development, advertising on social networks and sites with cryptocurrency topics, contextual and targeted advertising.
    Neuromarketing - working with the target audience.

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